Snow Splitters / Chimney Braces

Without a snow splitter your chimney is at risk for snow damage from sliding snow. Sliding snow can cause serious damage even to the point of no repair.

The snow splitter is actually a snow break that cuts the sliding snow like a knife, saving your chimney from damage. Inadequateley sized splitters fail to protect the chimney pipe, weak splitters collapse inward. The damage can cost thousands of dollars to repair plus the exposed gash in your roof my lead to leaks and water damage.

Our Custom Splitters

We design and install Splitters of all sizes and shapes. Our splitters are specially designed for Lake Tahoe extreme snowfalls, they can be painted any color and their height and strength is different on every roof. The main factors are: annual snow load, roof pitch, chimney size.

Square Tubing Brace kit

Made of 1.25″ square steel tubing this brace kit can act as a complimentary reinforcement to a snow splitter, or installed on its own whenever chimney stability against wind rather than high snow load impact is the issue.