Chimney Relining

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Chimney Relining is needed when:

  1.  The current clay tile liner is damaged by AGING, CHIMNEY FIRES, MOISTURE, LIGHTNING AND EARTHQUAKE.
  2.  The liner is missing (such as in older homes with brick chimneys)
  3.  A new high efficiency stove or insert is being installed

What is a liner for?

Liners contain the smoke and make sure it safely exits the home structure. If missing or damaged, smoke and creosote may accumulate beyond the intended passage. House fire may happen as soon as sparks or heat affect the combustible structures around the chimney, however very often the creosote accumulation in the wrong place may take months or even years giving a false sense of “everything is fine” before a house fire occurs.

How do I know if I need a liner?

If your house is 40 years or older, there is a good chance you need one, but usually such determination comes after your chimney is inspected by a professional.

What Kind of Liners do we use?

Tahoe Chimney & Fireplace uses only high quality stainless steel liners, 304 and 316 alloys. These liners are either flexible or come in rigid sections. A liner installed by us is ALWAYS insulated to meet UL1777 standard. The extra insulation ensures that the gases passing through the chimney do not cool down prematurely and cause excessive creosote build-up.


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