Chimney Inspection Services

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code 211 recommends that all solid fuel burning systems should be inspected at least once a year

Having your wood-burning system inspected regularly is very important. After all, the safety of your property, health and life of the users depend on it. Danger such as high creosote deposits, age-related damage or improper installation may lead costly repairs or even a house fire.

Why Choose Us?


Pro Always On site

You will always be met by highly trained NFI-Certified, CA licensed, Certified Chimney Sweep to provide quality service and leave you fully informed about the condition of your chimney system.


A thorough (level 1,2 or 3) visual inspection of your system for proper operation and safety includes:

  • Photos and Videos or the chimney interior and exterior
  • estimating structural soundness
  • looking for signs of aging and potential weaknesses, improper installation etc.

(Level 3 inspections are conducted only in special cases such as after a chimney fire or a suspicion of integral flaw, or per request.)

Detailed Raport

Photos, videos and notes will be all shown on the spot and E-mailed to you in a service Report, along with any free estimates on repairs or adjustments needed with a range of options that apply to your chimney needs.

100% Dirt and Dust Free

We will treat your home with the highest respect. Carpet covers, Shoe Covers, Gloves and High Suction vacuum are among the many precautions we think necessary for your peace of mind.

Literature Provided

If needed we will leave you with a helpful handbook that explains the DO’s and DON’T’s of wood-burning and other useful advice. Great for rentals!

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