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    Chimney Cleaning (Inspection included) $285 (up to 1 laddder)

    Removal of all combustible creosote deposits from the entire Wood-burning system, top to bottom, as well as cleaning of the firebox and a general safety inspection report. If upon inspection we find your chimney does NOT need cleaning you will be charged $200 for the inspection only.


    General System Inspection (Any Fuel) $200

    Top to bottom inspection of Wood, Gas or Pellet system for Real Estate, Insurance and general purposes.

    Gas Service

    Gas Fireplace Service $245

    Complete service of all internal parts of your gas fireplace necessary for longevity and safety.


    GAS FIREPLACE REPAIR - (Cost TBD on site)

    Most repairs can be done in 1 visit, for larger ones we may need to return with specific parts.

    In Addition to the repair, i would like my fireplace to receive a full service


    WIFI Thermostat $400-$500

    Control your Tahoe home fireplace thermostat with your phone from anywhere in the world. This solution is a game-changer perfect for rentals, airbnbs, or anyone who needs ultimate control, saving money and energy. (note: few fireplaces may not be compatible with this option).

    Pellet service..

    Pellet stove service only (Sorry, we don't do repairs) $300

    Includes servicing of internal passages and the exhaust blower as well as removal of all combustible deposits from the chimney. Note: Although proper cleaning alleviates most issues in pellet appliances this maintenance service is not intended to diagnose or repair any pellet unit malfunction, nor is it a guarantee that your fireplace will work correctly.

    Dryer Vent

    Dryer Vent Cleaning $195

    Make sure that your dryer vent stays clean, free of obstructions and dangerously combustible lint. NOTE: This service may not be available October 1st - December 31st.


    Estimate (For installations and Larger repairs) Free*

    *Free If bid accepted or visit did not require ladder setup, otherwise billed as an Inspection.
    Let's connect about your project or needed repairs.

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