Gas Fireplace Service


  1. Turn on the Pilot and the Main Burner (to see if they work), don’t let it get too hot, turn it off quickly.
  2. Remove the Glass and Clean it (you may need to remove doors or trim first)

        (don’t store the glass flat on the floor! Lean it against a wall to be safe)

  1. Remove and vacuum the Logs – be gentle, store them safe from damage on the hearth extension or away from foot trafic.
  2. Remove and vacuum the Main Burner
  3. Wipe and vacuum the firebox interior
  4. Remove the Pilot Hood by releasing the C clip, Blow dust out of the Hood
  5. Steel Brush the Thermocouple and Thermopile to remove white deposit (sulphur) 
  6. Vacuum pilot orifice, brush and reinstall the Hood properly.
  7. Reinstall the Main Burner
  8. Test the Pilot and Burner again (make sure the spark is strong and it lights within a few clicks)
  9. Test the Thermopile milivolt reading – if below 325mV recommend replacement on a separate visit unless you have the time.
  10. Reinstall the logs and apply glowing embers
  11.  Reinstall Glass – make sure the glass/door gasket is tight)
  12. Clean the valve cavity with tiny brushes thoroughly, vacuum and windex too.
  13. Test Fireplace again (best flame= blue bottom, orange/yellow tip)
  14. Inspect that wire terminals are in good shape, tight, not mickey moused taped connections.
  15. Gas leak Test all connections (shut-off valve, millivolt valve, burner supply etc.)

To Test the Thermocouple and Thermopile: see below or video

If Thermocouple or Thermopile are bad –  Explain the Cost effectiveness and Preventative nature of replacing the entire Pilot Hood Assembly. Saves a separate repair trip and labor in the future, avoid malfunctioning when you really need it to work.

Average Material Cost: Entire Pilot Hood Assembly – $98, TC only – $40 ,  TP only – $60

Labor $100 – $200  

If Thermostat is bad – Offer Wireless T-stat $175 plus labor $2 per minute when installed during same visit.

If separate visit is required for Clients after Gas Servicing , remote + install is $225

If Clients did not buy Gas Service, remote + install is $275

If they still prefer wall T-stat replaced  – pick one up at Ace Hardware (approx $25) Make sure you buy a T-stat for MILLIVOLT SYSTEMS not 24V


Standing Pilot systems

Main burner comes on when knob turned to ON without switch or Thermostat wired – CHeck that TP is wired to correct terminals, if it is – faulty valve.

Main Flame and pilot way too small or way too large – check if the unit is converted to the right type of gas,

 This can be seen by a sticker marked “this valve has been converted to…” or LP sticker. Sometimes people install unconverted stoves incorrectly.

Refer to the manual to check what burnere orifce size is for NG or LP, check what orifice is installed to confirm.

Flame Pops and shakes the glass after turn off. It is normal for a fireplace on propane to do a delayed pop after it has been shut off. Not sure exactly why it occurs but almost every propane unit I have worked on does it in some capacity.

Air to Fuel Mixture Adjustment – VENTURI

TIP! Before removing the burner for access to air shutter, check if the unit is equipped with a shutter lever adjustable from underneath the firebox -it may save you much time


Pilot flame Should envelop the TP and TC

Valve Voltages: when testing Ohms 

Dexen valve 37 ohms on the pilot

55 ohms on the main valve.

Infinite resistance means Burned out coil.

Infinite resistance means Burned out coil.

When testing the control module Below Voltage expected is different depending on the manufacturer

Check continuity on main burner Terminal also.