Billing and Payment Terms

Billing and payment processing is performed by IntegraPay, LLC. (“IPY”), and this contract is specifically assigned to IPY for all such purposes. Customer knowingly and irrevocably authorizes IPY to charge electronically Customer’s bank account and/or credit card for any and all amounts due. Please note, you may see all or any portion of the following on your bank or credit card statement: “IPY * TahoeChimneyFireplace”. IPY is not responsible for any bank fees incurred by Customer. IPY has the sole right to resubmit returned or declined items without prior notice. BILLING INQUIRIES – Please contact us at


I represent that I am the person who appears on the form above. I acknowledge and agree to the statements, terms and conditions on my original contract, and that by completing this payment form, I am electronically signing the document, which will have the same legal effect as the execution of the document by a written signature and shall be valid evidence of my intent and agreement to be bound.